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Elliot Fiske


Monster Me

By Elliot Fiske

Released a children's app after co-founding a company to create educational apps. Featured in Best New Apps for the Kid's Apps section.


By Elliot Fiske

One of my favorite games I've made so far. Completed in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 34. Earned 6th best 'mood' out of 1638 entries.

By Elliot Fiske

Jump into a multiplayer Roomba Battle Arena with your friends! Made for Ludum Dare 37. Earned 21st most 'fun' out of 1489 entries.


By Elliot Fiske

An epic multiplayer battle where anyone can jump in on their phones! Presented at ICGJ 2016 with Max Linsenbard and Thomas Steinke.


By Elliot Fiske

3D networked multiplayer horror game created for an Advanced Graphics course. Led a team of 5 programmers to complete this quarter-long project.

Juicy Pong

By Elliot Fiske and Thomas Steinke

Pong, but with powerups, particles and excitement! HTML5 game created for the Intel XDK Jam. Won first place and earned me free tickets to GDC!

The Temple of Sharaab

By Elliot Fiske

Delve into the Temple of Sharaab, dodging deadly traps and solving devious puzzles! Made for Ludum Dare 36.

By Elliot Fiske

You have to shift the shapes!!! Completed in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 35. Earned 32nd best 'fun' out of 1638 entries.


By Elliot Fiske, Thomas Steinke and Max Linsenbard

Platformer RPG game where you play a wizard jumping around throwing books at slimes. Created for the 2nd annual Indies vs. Gamers game jam!


By Elliot Fiske and Thomas Steinke

Game Boy compatible game where you play as a saw carving its way through a destructible environment! Created for GBJam 4.


By Elliot Fiske and Thomas Steinke

A fun physics-based soccer game for 2 players! Every 10 seconds, a random event happens that completely changes the playing field!


By Elliot Fiske and Thomas Steinke

A puzzle game where one player blocks dangerous lasers, while the other player presses switches. Created for Global Game Jam 2014.

Gun Garden

By Elliot Fiske

An intense tower-defense style FPS! Upgrade your gun with seeds you plant in your garden, and defend against an onslaught of cubic enemies.

By Elliot Fiske, Thomas Steinke, Max Linsenbard and Aaron Jacobs

A party game where everyone holds a controller. When your controller vibrates, you secretly sabotage the rest of your teammates in a minigame!

Knights With Guns

By Elliot Fiske and Thomas Steinke

A jump'n'shoot platformer with a randomly generated level, 3 weapons to choose from, and a fearsome dragon boss!